Modern IT Services to Support Legal Firms

Legal firms interact with technology in multiple ways, from E-discovery to document security. We support your compliance, security, and modernization needs to keep your firm thriving.

Connecting with clients has never been easier thanks to technology.

But it’s not always smooth sailing. Problems with cloud security or data leaks can leave your firm with expensive consequences. Here are some of the IT challenges we can help you resolve.



Staying in compliance with rules like PCI, which regulates customer payment data, and any local data privacy guidelines can be complicated. But just one breach of sensitive client data can ruin a law firm’s reputation for years.


Document Handling & Search

Few industries need access to fast and accurate searches like the legal industry. When searching through multiple documents, valuable time can be wasted if your document storage systems aren’t optimized. Plus, documents are being accessed by multiple endpoints (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs). Ensuring security policies travel with those documents wherever they go isn’t easy without an IT professional to guide you.


Video Conferencing & Hybrid Office

Just like everyone else, the legal industry has gone through a transition to a more hybrid and remote office environment since the pandemic. If your virtual meeting and cloud tools aren’t up to scratch, holding important video conferences with clients can be problematic and get in the way of you gathering vital information about a case.

Lawyers and their staff are also increasingly working from home, but if your office isn’t modernized to enable a digital workspace, then your team could be struggling instead of enjoying the flexibility.

How C Solutions IT Optimizes IT Delivery for Your Law Office

C Solutions IT specializes in providing trusted IT support that your Central Florida law office can rely on. We have expertise in servicing the distinct needs of the legal industry and helping them optimize their use of technology.

We are PCI compliance experts, and our C+ Certified technicians understand the document handling and security needs of the industry. We can assist you in improving your data and network security, while also helping you achieve better client interactions and cloud flexibility.


Cybersecurity & PCI Compliance

When collecting payment card details from clients, law offices need to ensure they comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Yet many aren’t doing this. In all industries, less than 30% of organizations have achieved full compliance.

C Solutions IT provides PCI compliance services that take the burden off your shoulders. We couple this with cybersecurity support from your endpoints to your office network and cloud infrastructure, keeping your office completely secure and your vital information protected.


Boost Productivity & Eliminate Manual Processes

Spreadsheets and inefficient processes can eat away at the productivity of legal teams. If it’s taking your team twice as long to locate a file as it does to actually work in that file, you have a big problem.

We can improve your digital processes, including those like E-discovery and document search, to boost productivity and eliminate wasted time. We’ll also identify any manual processes in your office that can be replaced by faster automation and AI.


Keeping You Professionally Connected

From smoother video conferencing to encrypted and optimized team messaging tools, we can streamline your connectivity to help your law firm shine. Rather than IT getting in the way of your client meetings, you can enjoy technology that “just works” the way that it should.

Improve how your law office operates by working with the right IT professional! Contact C Solutions IT today to discuss your custom IT support solution.