VoIP/Phone Systems

Reliable & modern business communications solutions.

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems have taken over from older analog phones in organizations around the globe. Today’s modern offices need business tools that don’t limit how and where they can access vital communications and data.

Have you been frustrated with poor (or non-existent) service from a VoIP provider you found online? Need something closer to a landline service experience, but with VoIP phone capabilities?

C Solutions IT can provide that. We combine the best that VoIP has to offer for flexible and dynamic business communications with local and responsive support. So, you get the best of both worlds.

VoIP Phone Systems

How Is Our VoIP Service Different (and Better) Than the Others?


Fully Integrated Communications

Our VoIP services take your entire operations into consideration. Your business phone system shouldn’t be standalone, it should connect fluidly with your other business tools, like video conferencing, text, CRM, email, etc. Our solution provides you with a fully integrated communications system that keeps all data connected and provides your team with a smooth experience.


Custom VoIP Configuration

VoIP phone systems have a lot of bells and whistles. But if they’re not set up, then they don’t do you much good. We don’t just sell you a system and leave you on your own, we provide a customized setup to put time-saving systems in place. This includes things like company directories, ring groups, voicemail, department greetings, hold music, and more.


Local Support

A big missing piece from many VoIP services that you might find in a Google search is local support. We provide that personal touch that is vital to getting help when you need it. At C Solutions IT, we act as an extended part of your business. Your success is our success. We’ll be there when you need us, by phone, remote connection, or onsite.


VoIP Hardware

You don’t have to give up your desk phones or conferencing systems when you use VoIP. We have hardware that can replicate the same calling experience as analog desk phones. Plus, you get the added flexibility of being able to make and receive calls through mobile devices, computers, and teleconferencing systems.

Get your VoIP system and support from a trusted Central Florida IT provider.