Internet Explorer is Being Retired, Is Your Business Ready?

Internet Explorer is Being Retired, Is Your Business Ready?

One of the browsers that used to be synonymous with web surfing is heading towards retirement. Internet Explorer is being phased out over the next several months, and by August 17, 2021 Microsoft 365 will stop supporting IE 11 completely.

While the app won’t completely disappear, it is losing support by Microsoft’s largest applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

This doesn’t mean that the browser will lose security updates, it’s still being supported as long as Windows 10 is supported. However, a company’s business processes may be severely impacted.

It’s important to know the timeline of the phaseout, when you need to switch to ensure your systems remain secure, and what you can use to replace IE if you want to stick with a Microsoft product.

IE 11 Phase Out Timeline

The time is fast approaching when the phaseout of IE 11 begins. If you use Microsoft 365 apps, then it will be important to know each date and which apps it will impact.

Even if you don’t use Microsoft 365 and only use Internet Explorer, you still need to know what’s happening with IE 11, because it may impact some of your processes.

Microsoft Teams Ends IE 11 Support (11/30/2020)

On November 30, 2020, Microsoft Teams will no longer support IE 11. This means that you won’t be able to use the Teams app in that browser, and this would include video calls.

Things you may want to do to prepare include removing IE 11 from any devices that have the application in your office. You may also want to add a note to your Teams video call invitations that make people aware that Internet Explorer is no longer supported and include links to supported browsers. That way they won’t have trouble getting into a video call.

Microsoft Edge Legacy End of Life (3/9/2021)

If you had already switched from IE to Microsoft Edge and are using the legacy version, but have not yet updated to the Chromium version, you’ll need to by March.

On March 9, 2021, Microsoft is ending support for Microsoft Edge Legacy, so users should upgrade to the new Edge, which offers many new features and a faster experience.

Once support ends, that means the browser will no longer receive vital security updates and any systems with it installed will become vulnerable to being hacked or infected with malware.

In 2019, 60% of data breaches were caused by unpatched system vulnerabilities.

Microsoft 365 Stops Supporting IE 11 (8/17/2021)

All Microsoft 365 products will no longer support IE 11 as of August 17, 2021, so companies have less than a year to transition away from the browser application.

This means that any employees using IE to access Microsoft 365 online will find that the platform no longer works as expected in that browser. Microsoft states that, “customers will have a degraded experience or will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services in IE 11.”

While the browser is still receiving security updates, so it won’t leave your computers at risk like using Microsoft Edge Legacy past its EOL date will, it’s still on the way out and should be replaced.

When a browser is being phased out, it means that the developer is no longer putting any work into making it better. So, your company will be missing out on security enhancements and productivity improvements if you continue using IE 11.

Features of Microsoft Edge

Where Microsoft is putting their development and feature power is their new Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser. While Edge may have had a few problems during its early release, it’s now become much more stable, supported, and feature rich.

Microsoft has also put a feature in Edge to allow companies with IE 11 dependent applications to use Edge and still maintain the IE environment where needed.

This feature is called IE mode. When you use IE mode on Microsoft Edge, it uses the Trident MSHTML engine to allow you to run IE 11 for legacy sites within the Edge browser. When a site loads in IE mode, you’ll see the IE logo on the left side of the navigation bar.

This additional functionality in Edge is designed to keep companies from having to use a two-browser workflow and just keep their entire team in Microsoft Edge.

Some of the many features of MS Edge include:

  • Collections that allow you to save categories of website links
  • Tracking transparency
  • Password monitor (coming soon)
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  • It’s designed for speed and ease of use

Get Help Preparing Your Devices for the IE 11 Phaseout

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