Top 5 Things to Look for When Shopping IT Services

It doesn’t usually take a business long to appreciate the importance of partnering with the right IT professional.

One server hack that takes several days of technical cleanup or a hard drive crash that takes out your accounting files, can mean tens of thousands of dollars in downtime and remediation costs, that could’ve been avoided working with the right IT pro.

Working with the wrong IT partner can mean you’re not getting the IT guidance you need to help your business grow. The right one can ensure your technology is a driver for growth rather than something that holds you back.

The average cost of downtime for businesses is $10,000 per hour.

Downtime is something that can creep up on you without you realizing the costs. There are both big downtime incidents like a ransomware attack, and there are smaller ones, such as a printer going down for 30 minutes or your staff having to stop what they’re doing for 45 minutes to figure out why the wireless router isn’t working.

When you’re trying to handle your IT yourself and only calling an IT shop when something breaks, it can be a big burden on your business in a few different ways:

  • You & your team aren’t able to focus on your company
  • Reactive IT (break/fix) costs more than proactive IT management
  • You miss out on the IT insights you gain from developing an IT relationship
  • Your business can be at risk of a security breach if security patches aren’t being handled
  • You can end up spending more on your technology than you need to

This is why many smart business owners work with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and sign up for managed IT services plans. This type of relationship can ensure your entire technology infrastructure is running efficiently and give you a tech advantage over your competitors.

Why Should You Use an MSP?

An analysis of connected small businesses by Deloitte found that “digitally advanced” companies had revenue growth that was 4 times higher than those that lagged behind when it came to their technology.

But keeping your company on the cutting-edge isn’t the only reason that it’s a good idea to work with an MSP and sign up for managed IT services.

The multiple benefits of this type of relationship include:

Keeping Your IT Running Smoothly

Managed IT services include ongoing monitoring and proactive maintenance of your devices, server, and network. This keeps your tech up and running, reducing costly downtime and the frustration that comes with it.

When your technology is running smoothly, your business can too.

Reducing Risk of a Data Breach or Malware Infection

With services like patch and update management, network monitoring, and virus protection, an MSP can detect any threats to your network and defend against them before they result in a costly breach that could be devastating to your business.

Improve Equipment Lifespans

You get more usable life out of your hardware when it’s maintained proactively through a managed services plan and can avoid unexpected hard drive crashes that can result in data loss.

Save Money on Your Technology

An IT pro can give you insights on the best software and hardware to use to meet your business objectives and also help you streamline and save you from paying for redundant cloud subscriptions.

What You Should Look for in a Good MSP Partner

Not all MSPs are created equal. You want to find a professional who is going to be invested in your business (like we are at C Solutions), not just come in to fix something and leave you on your own.

Here are the traits that will let you know you’ve chosen the right Managed Service Provider to work with.

1. They’ll Handle Everything IT Related

You want an IT partner that you can rely on for all your IT needs, not just a few of them. At C Solutions, our saying is “if there is a wire attached to it, we’ll take care of it.” That means taking care of everything from your network security to being on a call with QuickBooks support for you.

Your MSP should be able to be a “one stop shop” when it comes to anything tech related.

2. Is Qualified & Has Industry Experience

You want to ensure the company working on your IT is qualified and has the experience that’s going to be of benefit to you. Look for them to be A+ Certified, which is an IT industry standard, as well as have positive references from other companies.

3. Provides Affordable Quality Service

Excellent IT services don’t have to break your budget. A good MSP will offer value-added technology services that save you money and are reasonably priced and flexible to fit your needs and budget.

4. Is Responsive to Your Needs

If you call an IT provider about a computer issue, and you don’t hear back from them for three days, that’s a sign that they’re not going to be responsive to your needs. A good MSP will get back to you in a timely manner and provide fast and efficient service.

5. Offers a Free Assessment/Consultation

You shouldn’t have to pay to have an IT project evaluated and quoted. Look for an IT partner that offers free assessments or consultations, which shows they are there to help, not to just run up a bill on you.

Enjoy Secure and Stress-Free IT with C Solutions!

Whether you need network monitoring, helpdesk support for your users, or device setup and management, C Solutions can be your “one stop” for all things technology related.

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