Why You Should Consider Microsoft 365 Premium Part 2: Autopilot

Microsoft 365 is an amazing productivity and collaboration suite for businesses. It’s no wonder that Microsoft Office 365 controls nearly half of the office productivity software market. Microsoft Office’s market share in 2021 was around an impressive 47.5%! But, did you know that Microsoft offers different subscription plans?  

The two main options are Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. With both deployments, you get access to Microsoft’s superb applications and cloud services, like Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint and so on. However, the Premium subscription also comes with enhanced security and functionality.

While Premium is a bit pricer than the Standard option, its fantastic features mean it’s well worth it. Already, we’ve explored the security benefits of opting for Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 

Now, we’re going to look at another standout capability: Windows Autopilot.

What Is Windows Autopilot? 

Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based service designed to make endpoint deployment much easier and more seamless, so you can improve the user experience, enhance productivity and lower costs.  

Picture this: you’ve got a new employee starting at your company in two weeks, and they need a new laptop. Without Windows Autopilot, your IT person or managed IT provider will have to spend a huge amount of time correctly setting up and configuring the device so that it’s ready to go. 

By contrast, with Windows Autopilot, you can receive a new endpoint that is completely ready to go, configured with the right settings and business applications. All the new employee needs to do is connect to a network and login. 

What Are The Benefits of Windows Autopilot?

The Windows Autopilot in Microsoft 365 Business Premium unlocks a host of benefits for organizations, including: 

  • Simplifies IT processes: With Windows Autopilot, you no longer need to worry about putting extra strain on your IT person, or making additional requests to your managed services provider. They’ll no longer have to spend time manually installing applications, testing systems and configuring settings. Instead, your new device is ready to use straight out of the box. This is because everything is configured through the cloud. 
  • Easier upgrades and decommissioning: Autopilot also helps when an employee leaves your company, or when a device needs to be upgraded. It’s really simple to transfer everything from an old device to a new one from a central administrative interface. Plus, to wipe a device, your managed IT provider can seamlessly eradicate personal files, apps, and settings to easily re-purpose a device for a new user.  
  • Enhanced efficiency: Less time spent configuring devices means your organization becomes more efficient and cost-effective. 
  • Get your new starters up to speed quicker: The sooner you can equip your new employee with their device, the sooner they can start contributing to your company. 
  • Empower remote working: Your employees will no longer have to come to the office to get their devices setup. If you’ve hired someone across the country, you can arrange a contactless delivery. 

How To Get Started With Autopilot 

A central part of enabling autopilot is having the right skills in place to configure the service. Generally speaking, there are three aspects to the autopilot function. You’ll need a hardware vendor, your IT administrator or managed service provider, and your new employee. 

The process goes a little something like this:

  • You purchase a new Windows device through your chosen vendor, requesting the Autopilot service as part of your Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan.
  • Your managed IT provider will visit the Autopilot service portal, and configure the correct settings in line with the employee’s privileges, based on their role. 
  • The vendor delivers the device directly to the employee, who can then connect their device to the network and enter their credentials. The device will automatically load with all the applications they need pre-configured, and the correct security settings will already be in place too. 

Uncover The Benefits of Microsoft Autopilot! 

Autopilot is a fantastic feature that improves the user experience and enhances efficiency. However, to make the most of this capability, you need technical know-how. It takes a deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem to correctly configure devices and settings. 

That’s where we come in. We support SMBs without a dedicated IT team member, or who only have one or two IT people in their company, to make the most of Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 

But, autopilot isn’t the only benefit you stand to gain from opting for this subscription plan. Look out for part 3 of this series, where we’ll discuss Microsoft 365 for Business Premium’s amazing Endpoint management solution.

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