Ransomware Alert!

This week I had a new client get infected by ransomware. Luckily this story is short as they had solid backups. It was a virtual machine which housed their entire Quickbooks database so of course the client was quite upset and concerned. There were valid backups so all I needed to do was restore the VM to before the attack and all was well.

As I mentioned this client was new and was not protected by any antivirus software. The only thing worse than outdated antivirus software is no antivirus software. The client was fortunate to be able to take this as a learning experience. Yes they had backups but the ransomware could have been prevented all together by that additional layer of protection on the operating system.

Solid enterprise worthy AV solutions protect against zero day threats and also use machine learning techniques that allow it to protect different variations of ransomware threats. When WannaCry came out hackers were quick to make small adjustments to the code and release it again hoping that AV software would not recognize it. Kind of like robbing a bank in disguise then come right back to rob again wearing a different disguise. The revised threat might not be in the virus database by name but if it acts like a threat it will be treated as such.

What antivirus protection do you have? Is it up to date? Do you have a solid back up plan for your network and devices? Have you tested it? These are all questions that should be addressed.

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