5 Ways We Ensure a Smooth Transition to Your New PC

When it comes time to get a new computer, it can be both exciting and a little frustrating as well. Your main computer is like your digital home. You know where every folder is, the quickest way to get to your most used programs and have the settings exactly the way you want.

Getting a new computer can seem like someone doing a major renovation on your home, and you coming back, and everything looks alien and different.

Instead of being able to just get on your PC and work as you usually do, now you have to go looking for things and where they might be. And if you’ve also upgraded operating systems, you can be going through an entirely new learning curve and missing the old features you’d become accustomed to.

Email files can be a whole other point of frustration when it comes to upgrading to a new computer. If it’s not done right, you could have to switch between your old and new computer to find older emails or have go through a time-consuming process of emailing yourself important emails just so they’ll be on your new system.

But guess what? All of this trouble can be avoided, when your new PC setup and configuration is done correctly and done by C Solutions.

Important Steps to Avoid PC Transition Issues

Unfortunately, some users go about a PC transition on their own and run into major problems because they don’t know the best ways to move one computer environment to another.

Your PC holds much more than just your files, and if a data migration isn’t handled correctly, you could end up missing key software that you had on your hard drive, as well as your folder structure, emails, and even files that are located outside your main “my documents” area.

44% of companies have experienced a data migration failure.

Some of the biggest mistakes that you want to avoid when upgrading to a new computer include:

  • Not capturing all your data: Data loss can result from missing some of the files on your old computer in a manual transfer or relying solely on an incomplete backup that you never tested.
  • Incompatible operating system: If you’ve backed up data to an external hard drive using a program like Mac’s Time Machine, if you try to restore that data to a different operating system, you could find out that it won’t transfer over.
  • Missing your emails: If an email transfer isn’t done properly, you could end up not having important emails on the new computer, or spending hours downloading years’ worth of old emails from your server that you didn’t need.
  • Losing your software: A migration that isn’t done properly can cost you some of your software that you may have lost the install disk or activation code for, leaving you having to either repurchase it or jumping through hoops trying to get it activated on the new PC.

When you work with C Solutions for your new PC set up and configuration, we make the process smooth and easy in a number of ways.

Transfer of All Your Files & Folders

We’ll ensure that all your files, even those that might be saved outside the main folder structure, are transferred over safe and sound.

You won’t have to worry about any OS compatibility issues between the old and new systems, and we can even transfer your files from a Mac to PC or vice versa.

Software Transferred and Activated

If you have a favorite set of programs on your old PC, you won’t have to worry about losing them on your new one. We’ll ensure that software is transferred over to your new PC and activated properly, so you’ll have minimum disruption to your workflow when you start using your new device.

Software You Don’t Want Doesn’t Have to Be Migrated

While we’re talking about software… there might be some that came with your older PC that you don’t want moved over. This “bloatware,” as it’s sometimes called, doesn’t have to be moved if it’s just taking up space and in your way.

We can also remove any unneeded bloatware from your new PC as well.

Email Transition

Email is one of the main programs that people use on their computer. The average U.S. worker spends 28% oftheir day reading and replying to emails. If you have to start from ground zero with your email, it can take you quite a while to get back to where you were and slow you down in the process.

We’ll ensure a smooth email transition to your new PC and can bring over the messages you want to keep, along with any rules or special automations that you may have set up in your email program.

Training & New System Customization

One of the coolest parts of getting a new PC, especially if it comes with a newer operating system, is gaining a bunch of new features and capabilities that you may not have had with your old computer.

Our techs can train you on the new system and also put in short-cuts and time-saving customizations for you to further enhance your workflow.

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