Key Things to Look for When Comparing IT Services (Beyond Just Cost)

Key Things to Look for When Comparing IT Services (Beyond Just Cost)

One of the most important vendor choices you can make for your business is your IT services provider.

Technology is so intertwined with how a business operates that if it’s not running well, neither is your business. Additionally, technology continues to become more complex.

Orlando area businesses need to worry about data security, the type of hardware they choose (consumer or business-grade), their cloud ecosystem, and more.

The wrong choice in IT service provider can mean problems with how your business operates and how competitive you are with others in your industry.

Small businesses that make good use of technology are 3x more likely to experience customer growth than their less advanced peers.

It’s important to choose the right IT services provider when you shop for technology support. Below, we’ve got several key things you should look for to make the best choice for one of the most vital areas of your operations.

Considerations When Choosing an IT Support Provider

While cost is an important factor for many companies, you also have to remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” and look beyond cost only to other factors when shopping for an IT support provider.

Here are things to consider when choosing someone that will help your business succeed.

Response Time & Availability

Computer issues don’t hit according to a schedule. When a server goes down or you need connection support for your network, you need to know that your IT pro has your back.

If you have to wait hours or days on a support issue, you can suffer expensive downtime that you’ll never get back.

Look for firms that are responsive to your initial questions and inquiries and that have a good track record of fast support and availability when you need them.

Tech Support Certifications

If you work with an IT firm that doesn’t have a certification, you’re risking that they don’t know best practices when it comes to computer support.

Certification also shows that an IT provider stays up to date on current technology standards and believes in the importance of providing the best support possible.

C Solutions is an A+ Certified company, which means our technicians have displayed mastery of multiple areas of IT support from security to hardware to networking, and more.

Is a Solutions Provider Not Just a “Fix-It” Shop

Technology is a driver for business success, so you want to find an IT firm that doesn’t just fix things when they break, but rather offers valuable consulting advice on how to optimize your use of technology.

Solutions providers are proactive about IT maintenance and monitoring, and help companies keep their technology costs down while expanding their capabilities through strategic planning.

Is an All-in-One Technology Provider

When shopping for the right services provider, you want to make sure the firm you work with isn’t limited in the services they provide. Otherwise, you could end up having to find someone else, and trying to work with two different providers can lead to problems with disconnected technology workflows.

You want to make sure that the provider you work with can handle hardware as well as software and cloud needs and offers you multiple services.

As an “all-in-one” IT support provider, C Solutions offers some of the following services:

  • PC Setup and Configuration
  • Server Setup and Configuration
  • Network Setup and Maintenance
  • Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Hosted Email and VoIP Solutions
  • Cloud and Onsite Backup
  • Microsoft Solution Support

Offers Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Some IT support providers try to fit every customer into the same managed support plan without any customization of services. This can mean you either pay for more that you need or might not get all the services that your business requires.

You want to find a provider that will tailor their support services to your business needs and workflows, ensuring a perfect match for your IT needs that’s also cost efficient.

Is a Value Provider – Not Just Cheap

When comparing the cost of IT support providers, you want to look at the overall value you’re getting, not just the price tag on support cost.

Do they make an effort to keep support costs low (e.g. by offering remote support when on-site isn’t really necessary)?

Are they truly proactive, reducing downtime and work-stopping IT problems?

Look for an IT provider that offers you value that can be seen throughout your operations, such as less downtime, fewer distractions due to IT problems, and improved workflows that boost productivity.

A great support provider wants to improve your company’s ROI on your technology and will do that by providing excellent value.

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