How Do I Know When It’s Time to Get IT Help?

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Get IT Help?

Running a business involves all types of decisions being made daily. Which employees to hire, how to handle a customer problem, and how to solve the latest computer issue.

Some small businesses will try to handle their technology needs themselves with the most tech savvy employee helping, because they think it might keep costs down.

But this often leads to a band-aid approach to a vital part of a business, your technology. Trying to handle IT on your own often means things only get addressed when they “break,” with a piecemeal method, rather than a full proactive network maintenance plan.

How well most Orlando area businesses operate is directly tied to how well they use technology and how smoothly their technology operates.

85% of small business owners say that technology helps their success. But 75% of them note they’re facing challenges to meeting tech goals, such as lack of qualified staff.

Are you running into barriers when it comes to your technology?

Signs That It’s Time to Work with An IT Professional

How do you know when it’s time to move from do-it-yourself IT to working with a technology professional?

There are several key signs that indicate the need to improve your business by improving your technology with help from someone that’s experienced and has the tools and knowledge to help.

Spending Too Much Time on Tech and Not Enough on Business

Do your days get interrupted putting out technology fires instead of focusing on your business?

When handling IT issues is increasingly taking up yours and your staff’s time, that can hurt your company because other important tasks aren’t getting taken care of.

A Wi-Fi problem one day and a virus infection from a phishing attack the next can keep a business from getting any traction with growth and sales efforts, because everyone’s just trying to keep their PCs and IT working right.

A managed IT professional can take over your IT management, keeping a proactive eye on your technology infrastructure. We ensure that everything is running smoothly and if anyone has an issue, instead of struggling they can call for fast support.

Working with an IT pro means you and your team can focus on growing your company and have a technology environment that’s going to support you instead of draining your time.

Feeling Overwhelmed on How to Proceed with IT Options

Technology can get complicated because there are so many moving parts. Do you choose one integrated cloud platform, like Microsoft 365, or use a myriad of tools and connect them?

If you feel overwhelmed by the process of going through IT options and trying to come up with a cohesive strategy that works for your business, it’s time to get an IT professional to help.

We can take a look at the way you do things now, suggest the best and most cost-efficient tools for you, and customize your workflows with time-saving automations that make tasks take much less time.

You Keep Getting Hit with Data Security Issues

Nearly 60% of US business executives said that phishing emails have increased over the past year. If your company keeps getting hit with malware infections or server breaches, those data security issues could cost you dearly.

Cybercrime continues to get more sophisticated and most small businesses need help to put the right tools in place to keep their network, devices, and cloud data secured. The type of protection needed typically goes beyond what they can do themselves using DIY IT support.

A managed IT services pro can conduct a risk assessment to see where you have vulnerabilities and help you put network security protections in place to keep your data protected from costly data security incidents.

Problems Exceed Employee Knowledge

Do you keep running into issues that exceed the knowledge of your most tech savvy employee? If you’re relying on someone on your staff who is not really a technology professional to handle things, they can easily run into areas past their general knowledge.

This leaves you with a “best guess” fix that may not fix the issue at all or a problem that you have to figure out another way.

Working with a technology pro doesn’t only give you the expertise of one person, you’re gaining the combined knowledge of our entire team. We are always learning to keep up with the latest developments in cybersecurity, cloud technology, hardware, and more so you won’t have to worry about running into brick walls when you need help with any issue.

When You’re Falling Behind Your Competition

Are you losing customers because they’re getting a better experience from a competitor? Technology can often help companies improve their customer service, addressing issues faster and automating the customer process to save time.

Instead of just “keeping you running” a technology professional can help you implement better ways of doing things using technology to improve customer experience and your daily operations.

Get the IT Help You Need to Keep Your Business Successful

C Solutions offers expert IT help tailored to your small or mid-sized business needs. We’ll help ensure that your technology is driving you forward rather than holding you back.

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