Get the Scoop on the New Microsoft Planner to Streamline Tasks & Projects

Get the Scoop on the New Microsoft Planner to Streamline Tasks & Projects

Juggling to-do lists, managing complex projects, and wrangling deadlines – it’s enough to make even the most organized person break a sweat. A lot of the time these tasks are done in multiple business apps, which complicates the process. 

On average, employees switch between 22 different apps 350 times per day. All that toggling between different work tools takes a productivity toll. Microsoft has plans to reduce the number of planning and task apps people have to use by unifying them.

The company is bringing a game-changer to the world of task and project management with the all-new Microsoft Planner. It’s designed to help people ditch the overwhelm and embrace a streamlined, collaborative experience that will have them conquering tasks and projects more efficiently.

A Unified Hub for All Your Task & Project Needs

Ever have to cobble together your workflow across different business apps? To-do lists in one app, project planning in another, and team discussions scattered across emails? Then, Planner’s unified experience may be a welcome change.

The new Microsoft Planner combines:

  • The current Planner’s collaboration features
  • The simplicity of Microsoft To Do for task management 
  • The capabilities of Microsoft Project for the web
  • The automation of Microsoft Copilot (the company’s AI companion) 

The new Microsoft Planner throws all that app-switching chaos out the window. It’s a one-stop shop for managing everything from simple to-dos to full-blown projects, all neatly integrated into a familiar and user-friendly interface. 

This means no more jumping between apps. You can create tasks, collaborate with your team, track progress, and view insightful reports – all within the new Planner. You’ll be able to use Planner inside Microsoft Teams or via a web browser.

Image source: Microsoft

Meet Copilot, Your AI-Powered Productivity Partner

What’s the powerhouse behind the tool? The new Planner incorporates Microsoft’s AI assistant, Copilot. This generative AI helper acts as your personal productivity genie. Here are some of the ways that Copilot integration can supercharge your work in Planner.

Effortless Plan Creation

Stuck on how to structure your project? Simply tell Copilot your goals and objectives, and it will draft a plan outline complete with tasks and timelines. 

Goal-Focused Task Management

Copilot doesn’t just create tasks; it ensures they’re aligned with your project goals. It will tailor your task list to keep you on track for success.

Real-Time Progress Insights

No more flying blind. Copilot provides valuable analytics and insights on your project’s progress. Identify potential roadblocks, celebrate milestones, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Adaptability at Your Fingertips

Projects are fluid, and plans can change. Copilot understands that. It helps you adjust your plan efficiently as your project needs evolve, ensuring you stay agile and responsive.

Copilot is a powerful feature in the new Microsoft Planner that can significantly boost your ability to conquer deadlines and exceed expectations.

Beyond Simple Tasks: A Powerhouse for All Types of Projects

The new Microsoft Planner isn’t just for managing your grocery list (although it can do that too). It’s designed to handle the complexities of large-scale projects with powerful features.

Advanced Scheduling Tools

Move beyond basic deadlines and create sophisticated timelines with dependencies and milestones. Visualize your project roadmap clearly and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Customizable Views

No two projects are the same. The new Planner allows you to tailor your view with boards, charts, calendars, and more. Choose the layout that best suits your project needs for optimal organization.

Powerful Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your project’s health with comprehensive reports. Track resource allocation, analyze progress, and identify areas for improvement – all with the help of detailed, informative reports. Planner integrates nicely with Microsoft Power BI for even more powerful reporting.

Templates for a Fast Start

Microsoft Planner includes several ready-made templates that you can leverage to get started on a new project or goal quickly. Some of the helpful templates you’ll see in the tool are:

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Sprint Planning
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Commercial Construction
  • Employee Onboarding

Image source: Microsoft

New Microsoft Planner Availability

The new Microsoft Planner will be rolling out in early 2024, bringing its power to Microsoft Teams first. A standalone web experience will follow later in the year, giving you ultimate flexibility in how you access and manage your projects.

To be among the first to experience the new Planner revolution, sign up on the Microsoft news page to receive updates on the preview and general availability.

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